Anita Phillips - MS Self-Contained
  Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Swain will work with your child for the year 2017-18 
  1. Math skills, Science skills, Language skills, Social Studies skills and Business Education skills will be increased for students to apply it to the real world.
        Student's Expectations are:
  1.  To "Try" and to put in a 110%. The word CAN’T is not in their vocabulary. We say “TRY” his/her best.
  2. To complete all assignments including homework and abide by PRIDE rules (classroom rules), Wayne County Public School and Wayne Middle/High Academy guidelines. The student will stand and recite the PRIDE Motto and Rules, Wayne Academy Motto and Pledge of Allegiance daily.
  3. To apply the information being taught.





If parent/guardian has any questions, contact Mrs. Philips at (919) 580-3609 ext. 2846.