The learner is involved in the Business Prep (workforce) program. This program is to assist your child to transition from school to the working environment and to compete in a global workforce. 


PRIDE strives, acts and maintains an ethical climate in a manner which is consistent with Pride Incorporated values. We promote professional integrity, and high ethical standards in our business activities.  PRIDE strives for excellence without making any excuses and builds a better world one employee at a time.


PRIDE will take a leadership role in the creation of a full range of business services that improve the business status of our school and community. Customers will perceive our services as superior to the competition.

PRIDE Incorporated is committed to provide a progressive environment for the students enroll in the Occupational Prep Class at Wayne Academy. Our business shares responsibility with individuals and the community to achieve and to increase business ethics. We provide quality services that is cost effective and care about our customers. There is not a job too small or large that PRIDE can not handle.

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