Language Arts

Oct 3, 2016- Oct 7, 2016







New Vocabulary for North Carolina End of Grade Testing. 
Definitions will be applied daily to stores. 

Writing Paragraphs  

Write 10 complete sentences. Homework does count as a grade. 



Review Vocabulary 
Definitions and show how they are applied to a story.

Writing a complete  paragraph with a main idea and supporting details 

Review for Vocabulary Pre-test on Wednesday


Short Story 

How to write a proper paragraph 
    Short Story review how to answer questions. Students will work collaboratively to answer the questions and write a paragraph explaining in detail the main idea supporting details in the story. 

Will count as a class grade. 

Study for Vocabulary Test 


Vocabulary test for those who did not make a 100 on Wednesday.

Passage on how to answer questions independently. 
 Test Grade