MS Social Studies Syllabus

Contact Information:

Teacher: Ms. L. Overman

School: Wayne Academy

Subject: School Social Studies

Room: E 121

Telephone: 919-580-3609


"Building a better world one student at a time."


This year we will be using various resources to accomplish the following:

Key Ideas
 Developing an understanding of the Key Concepts of Common Core For American Literature
 Key Vocabulary Words
Exploring Fiction and Non fiction stories
Mechanics of Grammar 
The Writing Process 

Craft and Structure

-         Analyze primary source documents to better understand non-fictional and fictional stories


Required Classroom Materials:


Three ring binder and paper OR  spiral notebook




A positive attitude



Students will be graded through the following assessment techniques:

Daily classroom participation and homework (Do Now Activities/Bell Work)

Objective quizzes and unit tests /essay tests

Unannounced quizzes and tests

Group projects and assignments


Grading Policy:

A = 90 – 100

B = 80-89

C = 70-79

D = 60-69

F = below 60


Absences and Make-up Work:

All students will be given the opportunity to make up work they missed on days they were absent from school. This also includes suspension days as well.


Homework Policy:

Homework is not given on a daily basis.  If homework is not assigned, the student should read the textbook chapter for the next class. Daily assignments not completed in class are to be completed for homework.  Specific homework assignments are given when deemed necessary by the teacher